November, 2017

  1. Mel and Jo at DJam 2018

    November 14, 2017 by Gillian Scott

    You never know who you are likely to meet when you go to dance workshops and events, or how these friendships and relationships will evolve over the years, and when I met Mel and Jo at a dance camp in Leeds, I was struck by how approachable and friendly they both were, and how willing they were to share their dance knowledge with others.

    Although they were only new to teaching when we first met, they were confident, capable and enthusiastic, and are now one of the most sought-after Balboa dancing couples, so their hard work has really paid off!

    A couple who are not complacent about their own learning, you will often see Mel and Jo joining classes as students along with the rest of us, and it is this hunger for education and passion for improvement that has kept them at the top of their game.

    Mel and Jo’s dancing style is clear and encouraging, with lots of personal feedback, and their big secret is to challenge students to think creatively and to question everything about their dancing.

    Of the pair, Mel is also a great DJ, and it is clear that his early background as a professional DJ allows him to really use the music to create the perfect atmosphere for the dancers. His deep understanding and relationship with the music influences what content and style of teaching goes into his classes, which is why we are pleased to say that Mel will, of course, be DJing and DJam this year! Likewise, it is great to see Jo back up in the North every year as she is a Northern lass herself!

    A lovely, extremely inclusive pair, with a great sense of humour Mel and Jo are always great fun on the social dancefloor, dancing with everyone and having a good time.


    That’s why when the opportunity came up for us to invite them to DJam 2018 we were very excited. Want to find out more about these inspiring and sought after teachers? Check out DJam at!

  2. David and Catia at DJam 2018

    November 7, 2017 by Joo-Lee


    What can I say about David and Catia? They are a tireless, talented and tenacious team that will work you hard and always achieve great results for their trouble!

    When I first met both David and Catia they were classmates at Swing Summit – an intense Lindy Hop training program in Ardèche, France – and from the moment I saw them they already stood out as warm, generous people and of course, exceptionally talented dancers. The next time we met up, they were no longer students, but teachers at Swing Summit!

    Since our days in France, I’ve been to loads of workshops run by this pair, and they have even come over here to each our local dancers a thing or two. With a relaxed and musical dancing style, David and Catia are a pleasure to watch, but don’t be fooled by their laid-back appearance, these two are technique geeks who are unrelenting in their pursuit of dance perfection!

    As teachers, they will make you work hard, with a heavy emphasis on technique, however their natural ability to break down complex ideas and methods to make them seem simple and easy to master is a huge benefit to their students. These skills, coupled with ample practice time, and the individual attention that they give everyone in their classes makes learning with David and Catia not only educational, but a whole load of fun!

    Aside from his passion for dancing, David is also a great DJ who genuinely feels and understands the music, which in turn carries through to his classes. A couple of cheerful, happy instructors who always give every class their all, you won’t forget a swing class from these two in a hurry!

    That’s why when the opportunity came up for us to invite them to DJam 2018 we were very excited. Want to find out more about these inspiring and sought after teachers? Check out DJam at!