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  1. Give Yourself a Chance!

    December 28, 2017 by Joo-Lee

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    We hear the same things so often from people who wish they could dance but have not yet given it a try.

    “I have Two Left Feet…. I have no rhythm…. I am the world’s worst dancer… it’s impossible to teach me to dance ……

    My response is simple. It’s about making the decision to turn up to your first class with an open mind. If you have already decided that you’d be no good then you are not giving yourself the chance to try something that you might come to like a lot. You don’t know unless you try!

    Learning to dance takes time but it won’t be long before you’re having fun if you allow yourself to relax, enjoy and see what it’s about. To enjoy the experience, my advice is to follow the instructions but don’t be tempted to do anything that is distracting or unhelpful to yourself. I see so many new beginners looking at their feet so that they can assess their progress. It’s very distracting if you are busy assessing yourself whilst trying a new skill at the same time. You will learn much more easily if you allow yourself to follow the class without checking if you’re doing the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes and you will, too, so just keep moving as it doesn’t matter.

    One thing everyone needs to realize is if you think everyone is looking at you, think again; they are probably worrying about the same thing as you and are too worried to be looking at you!

    You will never know if you can dance if you don’t give yourself the chance to try. Everyone was once a beginner and most of these beginners are now enjoying the fun of dancing to fantastic live bands and having the most amazing social life. Imagine how you’d feel by this time next year, when you, too could be dancing like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

    Anyone can enjoy social dancing. This kind of dancing will not require you to do the splits, spin on your head or even memorise a routine! You just need give yourself the chance to take your first step, and that is to try a class.

    Your first visit to Lindy Jazz is free so you can check it out for yourself. Try one class and if you feel OK about it, then maybe try a course so you can give yourself the chance to make progress.

  2. Mel and Jo at DJam 2018

    November 14, 2017 by Gillian Scott

    You never know who you are likely to meet when you go to dance workshops and events, or how these friendships and relationships will evolve over the years, and when I met Mel and Jo at a dance camp in Leeds, I was struck by how approachable and friendly they both were, and how willing they were to share their dance knowledge with others.

    Although they were only new to teaching when we first met, they were confident, capable and enthusiastic, and are now one of the most sought-after Balboa dancing couples, so their hard work has really paid off!

    A couple who are not complacent about their own learning, you will often see Mel and Jo joining classes as students along with the rest of us, and it is this hunger for education and passion for improvement that has kept them at the top of their game.

    Mel and Jo’s dancing style is clear and encouraging, with lots of personal feedback, and their big secret is to challenge students to think creatively and to question everything about their dancing.

    Of the pair, Mel is also a great DJ, and it is clear that his early background as a professional DJ allows him to really use the music to create the perfect atmosphere for the dancers. His deep understanding and relationship with the music influences what content and style of teaching goes into his classes, which is why we are pleased to say that Mel will, of course, be DJing and DJam this year! Likewise, it is great to see Jo back up in the North every year as she is a Northern lass herself!

    A lovely, extremely inclusive pair, with a great sense of humour Mel and Jo are always great fun on the social dancefloor, dancing with everyone and having a good time.


    That’s why when the opportunity came up for us to invite them to DJam 2018 we were very excited. Want to find out more about these inspiring and sought after teachers? Check out DJam at https://www.dance-at-djam.co.uk!

  3. David and Catia at DJam 2018

    November 7, 2017 by Joo-Lee


    What can I say about David and Catia? They are a tireless, talented and tenacious team that will work you hard and always achieve great results for their trouble!

    When I first met both David and Catia they were classmates at Swing Summit – an intense Lindy Hop training program in Ardèche, France – and from the moment I saw them they already stood out as warm, generous people and of course, exceptionally talented dancers. The next time we met up, they were no longer students, but teachers at Swing Summit!

    Since our days in France, I’ve been to loads of workshops run by this pair, and they have even come over here to each our local dancers a thing or two. With a relaxed and musical dancing style, David and Catia are a pleasure to watch, but don’t be fooled by their laid-back appearance, these two are technique geeks who are unrelenting in their pursuit of dance perfection!

    As teachers, they will make you work hard, with a heavy emphasis on technique, however their natural ability to break down complex ideas and methods to make them seem simple and easy to master is a huge benefit to their students. These skills, coupled with ample practice time, and the individual attention that they give everyone in their classes makes learning with David and Catia not only educational, but a whole load of fun!

    Aside from his passion for dancing, David is also a great DJ who genuinely feels and understands the music, which in turn carries through to his classes. A couple of cheerful, happy instructors who always give every class their all, you won’t forget a swing class from these two in a hurry!

    That’s why when the opportunity came up for us to invite them to DJam 2018 we were very excited. Want to find out more about these inspiring and sought after teachers? Check out DJam at https://www.dance-at-djam.co.uk!

  4. Hector and Sonia at DJam 2018

    October 14, 2017 by Andy Lewis

    Have you ever wondered how event organisers choose teachers? This is why we chose Hector and Sonia for DJam.

    Hector Artal and Sonia Ortega are two of the loveliest, most talented teachers I’ve met in all the years I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop.

    I met them first some years ago at Tenhola – a small Finnish Lindy camp. I’d been invited there as a DJ, and was quickly won over by the camp’s slick organisation, and warmth and friendliness of the team and attendees.

    That year, there was only one Lindy Hop level – which can mean that workshops are very mixed in level – so we had two Spaniards, teaching advanced material in English to a predominantly Finnish group – this would have been a real challenge for many Lindy teachers. Not so for Hector and Sonia – their teaching style was perfect for the task, and by the end of my first workshop, everyone had learned the material, regardless of their level, and everyone had made huge strides in their general technique. Personally, even though I’ve never been taught the material from that workshop by anyone else, years later I am still using it in my social dancing.

    I can never tire of watching them dance, and I seek out every chance I can to learn from this wonderful couple – so when the chance to book them for DJam came up last year, we jumped at the chance – and we’re incredibly excited to welcome them back for 2018 – so if you’re looking to learn from these inspiring and sought after teachers, check out DJam at https://www.dance-at-djam.co.uk!

  5. What are the Teaching Philosophies for DJam?

    October 1, 2017 by Andy Lewis

    Mel & Jo teaching at DJam 2015

    How many times have you learned an amazing new technique or move in a workshop and said to yourself: “That’s incredible! That’s one I’m going to keep using forever….”

    As for me? Honestly? I have no idea. It’s happened a lot – but I keep forgetting them. Which is a little ironic…

    Too many times, I rush out of a workshop, and straight into the next one… before the first one has fully “taken” – and no matter how well taught – how great the material – it’s vanished from my head. In a well-intended attempt to provide as much for its students as possible, a camp has quite simply made it much harder for me to retain what I’ve learned.

    In other words – after decades of going to dance camp after dance camp, experiencing workshop upon inspirational workshop, from teacher after wonderful teacher…. from which I’ve remembered far too little… I’ve come to realise some key things about workshops:

    1. An hour for a workshop is not enough.
    2. Practice it right away, or lose it.
    3. Recap videos are useless once you’ve forgotten the workshop
    4. Small class sizes are great


    For DJam 2018, we’ve decided to put a big focus on providing a truly transformational learning experience – so we’ve made some key changes to the core workshop format.

    1. Each core workshop will last an hour and a half, so you really will have time to learn, absorb and practice the techniques and ideas that are being taught.
    2. Each core workshop will be followed with half an hour of practice / consolidation time, so that you can make the most of what you’ve learned. Practice with your partner, or with others in the workshop. Work with your fellow students – they may have had insights that will help you – and you may well have insights that will help them.
    3. The class sizes will be smaller and more intimate. This lets the teachers give a lot more personal attention to the individual students, giving them the help that they need to make the most of the material.


    In this way, and by choosing some truly wonderful teachers that we love learning from, we hope to make DJam 2018 the best learning experience it can possibly be. I’m so excited for this event – and I truly hope it helps make DJam the perfect event for people that truly want to focus on transforming their Lindy Hop or Balboa, and reaching the next level in their dancing.


  6. A Newbies’ Guide To DJam….. and what is Lindy A?

    December 23, 2016 by Joo-Lee

    If you’re new to the world of swing dancing, you may have heard other dancers talk excitedly about DJam, an international swing dance camp. But what exactly is a dance camp? Are there tents and campfires, and most importantly, do the dancers actually go camping? If you love camping then I am afraid you won’t find log cabins and singsongs (well, not at most dance camps anyway); a dance camp is usually just a weekend of learning through structured classes, with social dancing in the evening to enjoy your new-found skills.

    Now that we’ve got that cleared up, it’s time to talk about DJam! A blissful weekend of dancing, learning, meeting new people and having fun, DJam is a swing dance camp held in the stunning Beamish Hall Hotel in County Durham each year.

    Most dance camps are attended by experienced dancers. That’s because experienced dancers know that to improve their dancing a lot, they need to start learning from world-class teachers and dance with a wider range of dancers. They know that if they only ever dance with a small group of people and never venture outside of their local class, their dancing progress will plateau. As organisers of DJam, we also teach a local weekly class which attracts a regular influx of beginners so we know the worries that new dancers have when thinking about improving their dancing and how they don’t feel confident enough to come to DJam or come on their own. So I’ve summarised some information here to help all new dancers to get a flavour of DJam. At the time of writing, we have just 10 places left in the Lindy Hop beginner level ‘track’. So…..what is Lindy A? What is a track? What happens at DJam? If you’re a new beginner, read on……

    At DJam, there will be several tracks meaning different classes in different styles. Once you’ve decided on your track eg Lindy Hop, the next thing to do is to choose your level and Lindy A would be the beginners level where no previous dance experience would be required. Your teachers will know that everyone in your group will be new and possibly nervous! DJam teachers are hand picked not just for their dancing and teaching skills but also for their warmth, friendliness and care for new dancers.

    The teachers and the DJam Team are very approachable and will be happy to answer any questions about dancing; even if the questions may seem basic, for example, what to wear to the evening socials, how to ask for dances, what time the cabaret or competitions are on, what’s for lunch, anything!

    When you arrive at Beamish Hall at the start of the DJam weekend, you’ll be made to feel welcomed by the organisers & volunteers. You will be given lots of information and introduced to other beginner dancers, who won’t know others either so they’ll be just as nervous.

    The DJam schedule is packed with daytime classes, evening parties & various social activities. You can choose to do as little or as much as you want. In addition to your own track, meaning your set of Lindy Hop beginner classes that you have booked for in advance, you can also drop into taster classes. Taster classes are designed to give a little taste of other styles of dance and a whole host of interesting topics, for example. Blues, Balboa, Shag, Aerials, Swing Music. You don’t need to book for taster classes in advance. Once you’ve arrived at DJam, just take a look at your schedule and see what looks the most interesting to you.

    Your Lindy A classes will consist of a small group of dancers who will learn ‘from scratch’ – how to dance, what to do at social dances, how to understand the etiquette of social dancing, how to move well, how to dance to swing music, how to lead, follow and dance with people you don’t know etc. In short, your dance skills and knowledge of dancing and swing music will be transformed and you will feel a lot more confident when you next go dancing.

    You can choose your ideal ticket from a number of options and we call this a ‘pass‘,  so you can come for just Saturday or just two days or make the most of it and come for the whole weekend or even stay over at Beamish Hall Hotel. The DJam team, the volunteers and I will make sure that you feel included, enabling you to make the most of this opportunity.

    As the deadline for booking is fast approaching and there are only 10 places left, book now or contact me, Joo-Lee, for more information.

    More info: www.dance-at-djam.co.uk

    Deadline for booking: 30 December 2016

    See you at DJam!